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Scotch Bonnet


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Premium Hot Sauce

Scotch Bonnet

Hot Sauce

since 2015
Scotch Bonnet peppers, the most popular and cutest chili peppers in Jamaica, the Caribbean, are grown in Kanagawa Prefecture without the use of any pesticides, and we are particular about the ingredients we use to create a safe, delicious hot sauce that is pesticide-free and additive-free.
Enjoy Scotch Bonnet Japan's unique fresh and fruity "enchanting spiciness" and "luxurious taste of ingredients"♪
Scotch bonnet

・All ingredients, including Scotch bonnets (home-grown), vegetables, and spices, are organically grown without pesticides. Rice vinegar is also made from organic rice without pesticides. No water is used.

【raw materials】
Organic onion, rice vinegar (organic rice), organic scotch bonnet (chili pepper), organic garlic, organic lemon juice, organic pimento, organic thyme, salt (sea salt)

【Internal capacity】

Bottle type 110g

Pouch type 220g

【Preservation method】

Store away from high temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight. After opening, store in the refrigerator and consume as soon as possible.

It goes well with any dish, including meat, seafood, and vegetables. It also tastes great when mixed with sauce or mayonnaise, as it softens the spiciness. If you're looking for something that's not just spicy, but also has a unique, delicious flavor, give it a try!
We have received positive feedback from professional chefs and the general public who have actually tasted our product since it went on sale.
"Delicious!" "New!"
We have received many comments like this! Thank you very much!
You can purchase Scotch Bonnet Japan products from the following website!
As the ingredients are limited, the sale will end once they are sold out. Thank you for your understanding.
You can see how the plants grow on Scotch Bonnet Japan's Facebook page!
I also started an Instagram account!

product by Scotch Bonnet Japan
Scotch Bonnet Japan

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