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How to use

Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce can be used on a variety of dishes, including Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine.
You can also use it as a secret ingredient in cooking, or combine it with other seasonings such as mayonnaise or sauce to soften the spiciness and create a new flavor.
Scotch Bonnet

There are many ways to use it♪

*Basically used as a drizzle on cooking. Also great as a secret ingredient.

  • Jerk Chicken ...the real spiciness is Scotch bonnet

  • Sandwiches, stews ...a rich secret ingredient!

  • Hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, pasta ... they're all absolutely delicious!

  • Curry, fried rice, gyoza, steamed meat buns ... add it halfway through to change the flavor♪

  • Hamburger steak, steak, pork cutlet ... a higher-grade taste easily

  • Egg dishes ...Just pour this on and your everyday egg dishes will change!

  • Salad ...You can also make your own dips. Safe ingredients even for those who don't like animal products.

  • Seafood ...perfect with oysters and white fish!

  • Yakiniku, yakitori ... they are popular menu items at our restaurant!

  • Okonomiyaki ...I personally love sauce + mayonnaise + scotch bonnet! lol

  • Hot pot dishes, oden, tofu, somen noodles, natto ...surprisingly, it also goes well with Japanese food.

  • This flavor is not yet common in Japan, so try adding it to your everyday dishes and you'll discover something new!

  • If you bring it to a barbecue, you're sure to attract attention!

  • If you eat it with French fries, chips, or snacks, you won't be able to stop (lol)

  • You can also mix it with other sauces to create your own original sauce or dip as a secret ingredient.

  • Mix with honey to make honey chili sauce

scotch bonnet hot sauce
You can purchase Scotch Bonnet Japan products from the following website!
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