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Scotch Bonnet

Hot Sauce

since 2015
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It goes well with any dish, including meat, seafood, and vegetables. It also tastes great when mixed with sauce or mayonnaise to make the spiciness milder. If you're looking for something that's not just spicy but also has a unique flavor, give it a try!
The amount of sauce we can produce each year is limited depending on the harvest yield of Scotch Bonnet Peppers , so order early!
Please note that as this is a food product, cancellations or returns are not possible after shipping.
We use natural ingredients and no colorings or additives, so the color of the hot sauce may be extremely green, but this is due to the natural ingredients and does not affect the quality.
Payment Method
Currently, the payment method is
·"credit card"
・"Bank transfer" → Shipment will be made as soon as payment is confirmed
It will be. ↓
If you choose "bank transfer", we will inform you of the bank account details by email after you place your order. Please transfer the payment amount to the specified bank account. Your order will be shipped after we confirm your payment.
Shipping and handling charges
  • Shipping fees vary depending on delivery area and order contents.
  • ( Shipping cost example : 750 yen for Kanto, Tokai, Tohoku, Hokuriku, and Shinetsu areas )
  • Shipping costs are not reflected in the total amount in your cart. After you enter your shipping information, the total amount including shipping costs and product price will be displayed.
  • Please note that the item may be packed in recycled cardboard or other materials.
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